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My Food Job Rocks!

Apr 16, 2018

Sebastien messaged me on linkedin and said he was impressed by his work. Being the snoop that I am, I checked out his profile and found he was a food photographer!

Hmmmm I never had a food photographer on the show….

I decided to interview Sebastien to understand the art of photography and what I got out of it was an...

Apr 11, 2018

This is my take on an entrepreneur interview. Most if not all of the questions are free form in some way so this was an…interesting episode. It takes a while for Keenan and I to warm up, to get on each other’s wavelength, but you’ll get some amazing dialog at the end of the episode.

Originally supposed to be an...

Apr 9, 2018

As you’ve heard in episode 112 with Todd Barr and 114 with David Mahoney, Analytics becomes an ever powerful technology to save the world.

Yet the subject is pretty dense and hard to grasp. In most cases, it requires coding.

I bring Uwe Hohgrawe on the show to talk a bit more about analytics and his answers surprised...

Apr 4, 2018

Can you patent your grandma’s cookies? No, but it can be a trade secret.

David works as a lawyer at a really cool company that you’ve probably never heard of: Indigo Ag. From what I've gathered, the company uses data and analytics to find the optimal place to grow plants all around the world.

David’s path to being...

Apr 2, 2018

If you’re in the non-profit space, what do you have to do to jump through the hoops and get funded on your project that will help your community? This is the question I asked Ted Johnson today.

Ted leads an incubator that helps push these projects to get funded and we go through multiple scenarios on how to get...