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My Food Job Rocks!

Dec 26, 2016

Today’s guest is Ken Botts, the Food Policy Manager at the…Humane Society?

So I believe that Ken’s job title is very misleading. I would call him more like a food service plant protein expert. He lead a a team and travels all over the United States implementing plant based proteins into food institutions.


Dec 19, 2016

I’m so happy to introduce Tiffany Lau, a friend I knew from Cal Poly.
We actually graduated together, and from time to time, we catch up. Though before this interview, it’s been a while.

Anyways, very excited to have Tiffany on the show because she has experience with a very important, but not really well...

Dec 12, 2016

Some housekeeping items:

- We're going 2 times a week! Check out a new episode every Monday and Wednesday starting January 2nd!
- On January 2nd, we will be creating an awesome new series called the Graduate Series. You can check it out at

Key Takeaways

  • Hear me pronounce words wrong like...

Dec 5, 2016

We have an amazing guest today, Rohini Dey is an inspiring woman, who not only owns a very successful restaurant in New York and Chicago, but also spearheads a great scholarship program for aspiring women in the culinary field.

We are also proud to announce the Women in Culinary Leadership Scholarship and encourage you...