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My Food Job Rocks!

Mar 28, 2018


We shoot around the topic of big data around, but it’s hard for us to understand what that actually means. Luckily, Todd Barr helps break down not only Big Data, but also gives us a taste of the fascinating world of Geographic Information Systems, and Precision Agriculture.

Using drones, tractors, or anything that...

Mar 26, 2018


To kick off our Northeastern Lecture Series, I give you an episode that feels like a spy flick than anything else.

Mitchell leads and manages food spies who look for food fraud in various companies and his mission in life is to make food authentic. This was all inspired by a food safety incident in China.

So this...

Mar 25, 2018

You may remember Darin in episode 73 where he talked about his life-long crusade to improve food safety. We’ve kept in touch and he asked me to help him with a guest lecturer project.

Darin is in charge of the class, Global Economics of Food and Agriculture, which is a multidisciplinary graduate class focused...

Mar 19, 2018

This is a special interview where I get on skype and talk to not only Dr. Harris, but his whole class! In terms of content, this is a standard information about me, how my food job rocks, the life of a food scientist in my eyes, and what I’ve learned podcasting.

If you’ve been a long time listener of the show,...

Mar 12, 2018

Really excited to have Austin on the show. What’s really cool is that he found My Food Job Rocks because he’s a regular listener of Don and Ben’s podcast, Food Safety Talk. Funny how that works, right?

So Austin became a regular listener and engaged with me on social media. We now pretty much support each other in...