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My Food Job Rocks!

May 22, 2017

Today we have Jonathon Weber on the show, a young professional who works at Herbaland Naturals, a gummy company in Vancouver, Canada.

Jonathon just graduated but he’s worked for so many companies! He also has chef experience, and now he’s a food technologist. This guy is really passionate on what he does. If you are currently in college. Really listen to the part about how he gets internships

Other gems in this episode, is that you learn a little bit about the gummy industry, learn how to hustle in college and do internships for small companies, and Jonathon and I geek out about ethnic food which includes talking about Dominican food, Banh Mi sandwiches, monte cristo sandwiches, and my spring fling, gochujang


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Key Takeaways

- Why Jonathon changed his route in food science
- How Jonathon got 3 internships while in college
- Jonathon and my talk about ideation to commercialization
- Our discussion on a lot of different ethnic food

Question Summary

Pitch Question: I’m a food technologist in the gummy industry
What’s the best thing about your job?: I solve problems
Did you learn about gummies in school?: No, I learned it at work
How would you tell a freshman how to make gummies?: It’s simple: a matrix, a sugar and water. Everything else can alter it like pH or other sugars can change it
When finding these internships, how did you find them?: I had to cold call them and ask to join, and asked to grow together
Most Important Skill Do You Need For you Job?: Organic Chemistry and people skills
What Would Be Your Dream Job title?: Culinary Cowboys
What do you look for most in a  job?: Room for growth, is there support? Are they open minded? Small Companies are cool because you wear so many different hats
Food Trends and Technology: Plant based everything
Biggest challenge the food industry has to face?: The food we’re making is sustainable
Who inspired you to get into food?: My mother
Favorite meal from my mom: Braised beef and beans (recipe here)
Favorite Book: The Count of Monte Cristo
Favorite Quote: Keep growing, exploring, have fun, learn something new every day, and above all, be yourself
Favorite Kitchen Knife: My mercer
Tips for sharpening knives: practice. Use a sharpening stone
Favorite Food: Banh Mi
Weird stuff in Banh Mi
Any advice to get into the food industry: Work hard, never give up, be active, network, try new things, taste everything
If you were to tell one thing about your freshman self, what would it be?: follow your instincts, ask more questions, spend more time with professors, and you have to be having fun

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