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My Food Job Rocks!

Jun 5, 2017

Today we have Shyamoli Gramopadhye a food technologist at Dairy Concepts where she solves the technical problems of her clients in the cheese and cheese powder industry. Shyamoli is actually a very supportive writer for Foodgrads and writes articles on the site.

This episode has a lot of info about India’s food scene. Not just the culinary aspect, but the industry aspect as well! Shyamoli is highly passionate in this aspect and is learning as much as she can in the United States, where she will hopefully bring it back to India some day.

Other tidbits in the episode include: the power of creative freedom, curiosity, and we sprinkle in a few great book recommendations throughout the episode.

About Shyamoli

I'm a Food Technologist in the Innovation Department at DairiConcepts. I'm extremely passionate about all aspects of food and my latest achievement in the food world is being an Elite Squad Yelper!

About DairiConcepts

As a comprehensive solution specialist, DairiConcepts offers an extensive line of cheese- and dairy-based powders, seasoning blends, concentrated pastes, flavor enhancers and hard Italian cheeses. With industry-leading expertise in clean label formulation and manufacturing, our custom ingredients can accommodate your specific flavor profiles and label claims, as well as broaden dairy-flavored ingredients into new dimensions of taste and functionality.


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Key Takeaways

- Research versus business and how it works in industry
- Shyamoli’s experience with her mother’s food business
- Shyamoli and my discussion about farming

Question Summary

What do you tell people in a sentence or less?: I’m a food technologist
What specifically do you do?: Food technologist for Dairy Concepts. They are a support system and test flavors
Dairy Concepts: Cheese and cheese powder company
Favorite thing to do at your job?: A mixture of science and business. I can see both sides and see how my research affects the money
Career Path: My mom is in the food industry, undergraduate degree in biotechnology, subject that talked about food industry, went to get a masters
Reason why I went to the US: To study food science and bring it back to India. There’s no food innovation in India
The most important skill you need for your job?: Curiosity
How should you spark your curiosity?: You definitively have to be in a field that interests you. Read more, keep your eyes open
My Food Job Rocks:
I can learn so much about food and use it to start something new
What Business would you want to start?: A farmer space where people can come see what it takes to farm.
The Future of Food: The Third Plate by Dan Garber
What do you look for most in a job?: Creative Freedom
Is it a cultural thing?: Yes
Food Technology: Plant Based food such as lentils
Biggest Challenge: How broken the food system is
Who is doing a good job fixing it?: Hampton Creek, Kashi, Larabars
Favorite Kitchen Item: Muffin Mold for portion control
Favorite Book: The Voluntourist by Ken Budd
Favorite Food: Pani Puri
Food Media: Food Dive, Food Rush
If you were to tell a food science class right now, what would it be?: Talk to people and don’t hesitate to talk to experts
The more people talk to people, the more we can dismiss miscommunication

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