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My Food Job Rocks!

Jun 19, 2017

I am fortunate to interview Steve MacIntyre, as he brings a new perspective compared to the standard guests we interview here. He is the first Human Resource professional, and the only one I know who is really passionate about his industry.

Like many of our guests, Steve’s career path involved a lot of twists, and turns, and ultimately, a lot of leaps of faiths. From the army, to health and safety, to eventually, human resources, you can really feel how Steve has kind of gone with the flow in his career.

As a HR professional, Steve brings some amazing advice in this interview which will help you become a much better professional.

We give you some tricks on how to take advantage of networking, make the most of taking an expert to coffee, and igniting your intellectual curiosity

About Steve MacIntyre

An energetic, results-focused HR professional who directly contributes to a high performance culture by creating an employee oriented climate and implementing progressive and consistent people management practices that emphasize engagement, integrity, productivity and consistency.

Provides sound advice and guidance on human resources issues to leaders enabling our business to attract, retain, and engage great people who are inspired by superior results.

About Vibrant Health Products

Our story finds its humble beginnings in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, where Brad Brousson began using his mother’s recipe to bake sprouted grain bread for guests at a wellness resort. In 1989, Stan and Kathy Smith partnered with Brad to form Vibrant Health Products, sharing Brad’s passion for health and wellness.

Over the years, the company has expanded to include three brands: Silver Hills Bakery, One Degree Organic Foods, and Little Northern Bakehouse. But the company remains family-owned and operated. And the same homemade quality that began in Brad’s kitchen is still present in each loaf of bread, bagel, and bun we bake.


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Knowledge Bombs

- Why being a HR professional in the food industry is different compared to any other industry
- How to be transparent and getting into the culture of transparency
- How Steve used networking to excel at his job
- Why Steve left his first job because of the products they made
- How to get the most value out of a coffee interview
- How to encourage people to demonstrate intellectual curiosity

Question Summary

Sentence or less: Senior level HR practitioner for the food industry
Why do you like the food industry: Food is something we all share. It's more intimate
What is the best thing about your job?: Hiring people, and give young professionals their first opportunity
Describe the steps it took to get to where you are today: I was in the army, electrician apprenticeship, laid off, food business is hiring electricians, health and safety committee, HR director asked him to take over and he loved it
Required HR: Chartered Professional in Human Resources (Canada)  or SPHR (US)
What should more people do to be good at their job?: Network with people who do what you do and do what you want to do.  Be intellectually curious
My Food Job rocks: I get to be part of this movement
Food Trends and Technologies: Sustainability, Whole Foods
One thing in the food industry you’d like to know more about?: Marketing. How do we influence you to buy our stuff?
Advice Going Into The Food Industry: Call me! But seriously, I love talking to passionate people.
How do you find good candidates?: I’m looking for energy
How can we reach you?: Through linkedin

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